Pandemic Gamedev Tips

Let People Work However They Want. Especially Yourself.

Obviously let people work from home when they want. But also: let people turn off their cameras. Let them take PTO for two hours. Let them cancel zoom meetings because they ran out of milk.

Transparency is useful. Shared expectations are key.

I think that most human disagreement can be traced to not being aligned in expectations about how something was going to go.

Reset to Support Mode When Something Sucks

Making a video game is a complex miracle requiring millions of collaborative steps. Tasks get delayed. Departments fail to communicate. Teammates do stupid things. Sometimes the game crashes when you finally get 30m to review something.



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Geoff Ellenor

Geoff Ellenor


Game Director, WB Games Montréal. Video game nerd. Designer. Tech head. Views expressed here are my own.